Obscurity in English version: a Italian fantasy bestseller


Obscurity in English version

Welcome to the world of Obscurity, the first book in the bestselling fantasy saga Darkness Chronicles by Italian writer Gea Petrini. This dark fantasy tale is filled with political intrigue, deceit, and tormented romance, set in a world where five lineages rule the continent of Talamh, a place where magic reigns supreme.

At the center of the story is Liv Lars, a young woman with a unique power that she has always kept hidden at the request of her family in order to maintain peace. Liv’s hands are covered in scars, the result of torture inflicted upon her by her mother in an attempt to suppress her golden magic. Despite a childhood filled with horrors, Liv has managed to find love and friendship at the magic academy, far from the mountains of Mantor and the Lars’ castle where she shares a special bond with her older brother Finn.

But now, Liv’s secret is in danger of being exposed, and all of her certainties are on the verge of collapsing just as the conspiracies of the gardons, creatures who feed on blood and have been forbidden from practicing magic for three centuries, gain strength in Tentor, the capital city. Led by the young visionary Brenda, the gardons are seeking revenge and seek to overthrow the lineages in their quest to become the dark ones once again.

As conflict erupts in Talamh, love and hate become intertwined in the pursuit of power. What is one willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of their goals? Obscurity delves into themes of betrayal and hope, exploring the shadows that lurk where there appears to be only light.

The print version of Obscurity features eleven illustrations with emotional portraits of the main characters, adding depth and dimension to this captivating fantasy tale. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive into the world of Obscurity and the Darkness Chronicles saga.

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